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Welcome to ANCD
We are dedicated to achieving the best results in IT management and support, network design and implementation, security, remote access, software and website development.
Since 1998, ANCD has provided a full range of services that offer our clients the benefits of a dedicated IT department, without the expense of developing and retaining comprehensive in-house resources.
ANCD Solution

ANCD has been servicing business and personal customers for years, with a dedicated team of qualified engineers experienced in computer network server design, implementation and maintenance support. We specialise in:

  • Onsite 7 Days, 24 Hour Emergency Service.
  • Computer Repair, Installation & Upgrade Specialists.
  • LAN, WAN VPN, Wireless, ADSL & SHDSL Solutions.
  • Security & Firewall Solutions.
  • Virus Removal Specialists.

  • Complete IT system Design, Implementation & Networking.
  • Data Cabling & Internet Email Sharing.
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions.
  • System Integration & IT Outsourcing Specialists.
  • One-Stop-Shop for all Hardware & Software supplies.
  • Total Maintenance Support Solutions.
  • Server Installation & Maintenance.
  • eCommerce Technology & Website Development.
Anyday, Anywhere, 24 Hours, 7 Days.
No Solution, No Charge